The most sustainable ECH on the market.

Bio-based Epichlorohydrin (ECH) is produced by using innovative and patented technology. It is based on 100% renewable Glycerin which is a by-product from the transformation of vegetable oils, instead of Propylene. 

It is a drop-in for traditional ECH and offers significant environmental advantages. By choosing Bio-based Epichlorohydrin, downstream users can reduce the impact raw materials have on their end-products’ carbon footprint.


Features & benefits


  • Exactly the same physico-chemical properties as traditional fossil-based ECH                                                                         
  • Produced using 100% renewable carbon                      
  • Most sustainable in terms of CO2 reduction and process environmental performance.  
    •  61% reduction of the Global Warming Potential (defined as the sum of GHG emissions and biogenic CO2 capture) and 57% reduction of non-renewable energy consumption
    • Bio-based Epichlorohydrin production has 80% less chlorinated by-products
    • A distinctive technology enables brine recycling and drastically reduces liquid effluents from the process.