Vinythai Public Company Limited

Vinythai Public Company Limited was established to carry on the production and distribution of PVC and Caustic Soda. The Company is a producer in the intermediate petrochemical industry and distributes its products to manufacturers who reprocess PVC into finished products in the plastic industry. The Company obtains the major part of its income from the manufacture and distribution of PVC resins under the trademark "SIAMVIC®", Vinyl Chloride Monomer (VCM) and Caustic Soda which is a co-product from chlorine production. Vinythai has three subsidiary companies as shown in Shareholding Structure.


Advanced Biochemical (Thailand) Co., Ltd. (ABT)

ABT produces Epicerol®, a bio-based Epichlorohydrin (ECH), using an innovative and patented technology.  bio-based Epichlorohydrin is based on natural, renewable Glycerin and is the most sustainable ECH on the market. ABT has operated its world-class manufacturing unit in Map Ta Phut since February 2012. It is wholly-owned by Vinythai Public Company Limited and both companies strongly adhere to sustainability and social responsibility commitments.

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