Products and Service

PVC Resins

Vinythai is Thailand's second largest manufacturer of PVC resins. Right after starting the operation, it has been highly successful in terms of gaining significant market share. An important element of such success results from the following pragmatic policy and strategies;

1. Quality of Products

The Company's policy is to produce PVC that meets the international standard in addition to providing recommendations to help boosting the business activities. Vinythai sells its products based on the quality agreement or contract settled with each customer.

2. Diversity of Products and Services

Apart from Pipes and Fittings which are the main group of customer using PVC resin, the Company has formulated a diversification policy that focuses on the expansion and penetration into other applications, such as rigid profiles, film and sheet and artificial leather. The Company consequently aims at developing its PVC resin as well as new grades in each application in order to satisfy the market needs.

3. Customer Technical Services

Vinythai organized Customer Technical Services Department to provide technical advice to customers in relation to the different applications of PVC. Vinythai's engineers visit customers' plants to assist in developing new production techniques and in optimizing their production cost. The services will provide added value and will help to establish good relationships with customers in the long run.

4. Pricing Policy

PVC and VCM selling price is directly influenced by the international price. Therefore, export price is quoted at the international price while domestic price is quoted on the PVC and VCM import price.

Caustic Soda

The Company focuses on the quality of products, pricing, and timeliness and safety of delivery so as to meet the requirements of its customers.


Advanced Biochemical (Thailand) Co. Ltd. or ABT, a subsidiary company of Vinythai, continues its efforts on EPCEROL® branding to further increase its position as bio-based ECH producer. ABT is now well recognized as reliable and competitive major supplier in the Asian market and will continue to develop strong partnership with its customers in order to increase ECH sales by capturing market growth and offering bio-based ECH under its brand name Epicerol®.