Educational Support for Youths

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education was brought to the fore of the Company’s attention by its Community Perception survey. Besides financial support for students in need, Vinythai organized activities to promote STEM education accordingly:

• In collaboration with Science Centers for Education, Vinythai organized a star observation activity by using PVC telescope at different places across the country. The purposes of this activity are to support King Rama IV’s wish in raising youths and public’s awareness in seeing the importance and benefits of astronomy in daily life. Moreover, this activity encouraged students of the schools that received PVC telescopes to show the public how telescopes work and introduce star observation activities.


• From 2008 - 2016, the Company supported the instruction of over 70,000 students and teachers in coral reef life cycles, benefits of coral reefs to ecosystems, and how to cultivate coral with PVC pipes.

• Vinythai annually presents scholarships to students in Map Ta Phut assessed as having

 insufficient financial support to sustain their education.

• In collaboration with Map Ta Phut Public Relations Club (MPR), Vinythai staged

a musical contest as a platform for student bands to show their musical competence.

• In addition, Children’s Day was marked by the distribution of stationery to the schools.